NF-kB/Transcription Factors Related Peptides

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
N07001 RNase S Complex Peptide Inquiry
N07002 FACTP140 (838-845) Inquiry
N07003 PEST Domain of p105 Inquiry
N07004 IKKγ NEMO Binding Domain (NBD) Inhibitory Peptide Inquiry
N07006 PTD-p50 (NLS) Inhibitory Peptide Inquiry
N07008 PTD-p65-P6 (Ser529/536) Inhibitory Peptide Inquiry
N07009 PTD-TRAF6 Inhibitory Peptide Inquiry
N07010 SOAT1/ACAT1 (163-171) Inquiry
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