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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
AF110 40S ribosomal protein S30 Inquiry
AF1100 Conolysin-Mt2 Inquiry
AF1101 Oreoch-1 Inquiry
AF1102 TP3 Inquiry
AF1103 Brevinin-1SE Inquiry
AF1104 Brevinin-1CPa Inquiry
AF1105 Clavaspirin Inquiry
AF1106 Pleurain-D1 antimicrobial peptide Inquiry
AF1107 Brevinin-1-RAA9 peptide precursor, partial Inquiry
AF1108 Brevinin-1-RAB1 peptide precursor Inquiry
AF1109 Pleurain-D4 Inquiry
AF111 Tn-AFP 1 Inquiry
AF1110 Ascaphin-1 Inquiry
AF1111 Ascaphin-1M Inquiry
AF1112 Magainin-1 Inquiry
AF1114 Adepantin-1 Inquiry
AF1116 Pseudin-4 Inquiry
AF1117 Pseudin-3 Inquiry
AF1118 OdW1 Inquiry
AF1119 Odorranain-W1 Inquiry
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  The endocytosis of AMPA receptors (AMPARs) requires the GTPase activity of dynamin. Since it is now established ...

 GR 94800, is a linear heptapeptide with the structure of PhCO-Ala-Ala-D-Trp-Phe-D-Pro-Nle Amide, which is a high ...

 Mambalgin 1, a toxin isolated from black mamba venom, is a disulfide-rich polypeptide consisting of 57 amino aci ...

 Dynorphin A (1-13) [Dyn-A (1-13)] is a short-chain polypeptide containing 13 amino acids and having extensive bi ...

5. Synthetic Peptides Targeting CD36 Attenuate Lipopolysaccharide-Induced InflammationSynthetic amphipathic helical peptides ...

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