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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
AF020 Microcin C7 Inquiry
AF021 Colutellin-A Inquiry
AF022 Ascalin Inquiry
AF023 Bacteriocin Inquiry
AF024 Temporin-SHf Inquiry
AF025 PL-101 Inquiry
AF026 Jellein-1 Inquiry
AF027 Jelleine-I Inquiry
AF028 Oligoventin Inquiry
AF029 Cn-AMP3 Inquiry
AF030 Antimicrobial peptide 1 Inquiry
AF031 Pleurostatin Inquiry
AF032 Anticancerous peptide 1 Inquiry
AF033 Defensin precursor Inquiry
AF034 Modified defensin Inquiry
AF038 Cr-ACP1 Inquiry
AF040 Odorranain-N1 Inquiry
AF041 Serracin-P 43 kDa subunit Inquiry
AF042 Jellein-3 Inquiry
AF043 Jelleine-III Inquiry
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