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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
AF069 Antimicrobial peptide 2 Inquiry
AF070 Temporin-ALk Inquiry
AF071 Non - disulfide - bridged peptide 5.6 Inquiry
AF072 Amphipathic peptide Tx348 Inquiry
AF073 Amphipathic peptide Hj0164 Inquiry
AF074 Temporin-ECa Inquiry
AF075 Anoplin Inquiry
AF077 HaA4 Inquiry
AF078 Rondonin Inquiry
AF079 PGLa-H Inquiry
AF080 Coccinin Inquiry
AF081 Gymnin Inquiry
AF082 Sesquin Inquiry
AF083 Polymyxin B Inquiry
AF084 E10KKL Inquiry
AF085 Temporin-K Inquiry
AF087 Non-disulfide-bridged peptide 57 Inquiry
AF088 Temporin H Inquiry
AF089 Antifungal peptide 1 Inquiry
AF090 Antifungal lectin PVAP Inquiry
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 Icatibant, sold under the trade name Firazyr, is a plasma kallikrein inhibitor and the bradykinin B2 receptor an ...

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