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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
AF089 Antifungal peptide 1 Inquiry
AF090 Antifungal lectin PVAP Inquiry
AF091 Cm-p1 Inquiry
AF092 Curvalicin-28b Inquiry
AF095 Gramicidin Analogue Inquiry
AF097 Big defensin Inquiry
AF098 Nosiheptide precursor Inquiry
AF099 PG-KI Inquiry
AF100 PG-KIII Inquiry
AF1000 LP1A Inquiry
AF1001 Ranacyclin-AJ antimicrobial peptide precursor Inquiry
AF1002 Hepcidin Inquiry
AF1003 Human Histatin 4 Inquiry
AF1004 Misgurin Inquiry
AF1005 Pleurocidin-like peptide WFX Inquiry
AF1008 Nigrocin-2VB Inquiry
AF1009 Nigroain-K1 Inquiry
AF101 PG-SPI Inquiry
AF1012 Lantibiotic michiganin-A Inquiry
AF1013 Defensin D1 Inquiry
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