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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
AF1014 Odorranain-H-RA1 peptide precursor Inquiry
AF1015 Rhacophorin-2 antimicrobial peptide precursor Inquiry
AF1018 Brevinin-2SN4 antimicrobial peptide precursor Inquiry
AF1019 Nigrosin-RA1 peptide precursor Inquiry
AF102 PG-KII Inquiry
AF1020 Cypemycin Inquiry
AF1021 Buforin-2 Inquiry
AF1022 Cytolysin Inquiry
AF1023 Microcin J25 Inquiry
AF1024 Silkworm 001 Inquiry
AF1025 Serracin-P 23 kDa subunit Inquiry
AF1027 Ocellatin-6 Inquiry
AF1028 Chitin-binding protein 3 Inquiry
AF1029 LSEI_2386 Inquiry
AF103 PG-SPII Inquiry
AF1030 Chionodracine Inquiry
AF1031 Dicentracin precursor Inquiry
AF1034 Melittin-like peptide Inquiry
AF1036 Pis1 Inquiry
AF1037 Lantibiotic mutacin B-Ny266 Inquiry
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 MCL 0020 is a synthetic tripeptide with the structure of Ac-D-2Nal-Arg-2Nal-NH2 (2-Nal= 3-(2-naphthyl)-L-alanine ...

Basic information Desmopressin is a synthetic analogue of the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin used in the treatment of centr ...

 MEN 11270 (H-DArg-Arg-Pro-Hyp-Gly-Thi-c(Dab-Dtic-Oic-Arg)c(7γ-10α)) is a novel selective constrained peptide ant ...

Since the discovery of Substance P (SP) in the early 1930s, its pharmacological actions have been extensively studied. SP has ...

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