Antimicrobial Peptides

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
AF1038 Mutacin 1140 Inquiry
AF1039 Brevinin-1TSa Inquiry
AF1040 Brevinin-1-AJ3 antimicrobial peptide precursor Inquiry
AF1041 Brevinin-2CE Inquiry
AF1042 PP13 Inquiry
AF1043 Maximin 68 Inquiry
AF1044 Hepcidin TH1-5 Inquiry
AF1045 XPF-SE1 Inquiry
AF1046 Maculatin 1.1 Inquiry
AF1047 Citropin 2.1 Inquiry
AF1048 Leptoglycin Inquiry
AF1049 Frenatin-3 Inquiry
AF105 Human lactoferricin Inquiry
AF1050 Caerin-3.3 Inquiry
AF1051 Caerin-3.2 Inquiry
AF1052 Caerin-3.4 Inquiry
AF1053 Caerin-3.5 Inquiry
AF1054 PGLa-AM1 Inquiry
AF1055 PGLa-St2 Inquiry
AF1056 Antimicrobial peptide 5 Inquiry
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