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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
B02001 [Glu63] Bax BH3, mutant 2283.6 Inquiry
B02002 BAD (103-126), human 2975.3 Inquiry
B02003 BAD (103-127), human 3103.5 Inquiry
B02004 BAD (103-127), human, FAM--labeled 3461.8 Inquiry
B02005 BAD (NT-1) 1926 Inquiry
B02007 Noxa BH3, Peptide 1 3075.6 Inquiry
B02008 Bax BH3 peptide (55-74), wild type 2267.6 Inquiry
B02009 BAD (CT-1) 2606 Inquiry
B02010 BAD BH3 (103-123) 2612.9 Inquiry
B02011 BAD BH3 (146-159) 1844.1 Inquiry
B02012 Bak-BH3, TAMRA-labeled 2265.6 Inquiry
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