Dynorphin, Analogs and Sequences

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
D05035 Dynorphin A (2-17) 1984.34 C90H146N30O21 Inquiry
D05036 Dynorphin A amide, porcine 2146.6 C99H156N32O22 Inquiry
D05037 Dynorphin A (1-17) 2147.5 Inquiry
D05040 Dynorphin A (13-17), porcine 689.7 C30H43N9O10 Inquiry
D05041 Dynorphin A (1-6), porcine 711.8 C34H49N9O8 Inquiry
D05042 Dynorphin A (3-8), porcine 760.9 C35H60N12O7 Inquiry
D05044 [Des-Tyr1] Dynorphin A (1-8) 818.0 C37H63N13O8 Inquiry
D05045 [Phe7] Dynorphin A (1-7), amide, porcine 858.0 C43H59N11O8 Inquiry
D05046 [Phe7] Dynorphin A (1-7), porcine 859.0 C43H58N10O9 Inquiry
D05047 Dynorphin A (1-7), porcine 868 Inquiry
D05048 Dynorphin A (1-8), porcine 981.2 Inquiry
D05049 (D-Ala2)-Dynorphin A (1-9) 1151.38 Inquiry
D05050 (D-Arg6)-Dynorphin A (1-13) 1603.98 Inquiry
D05051 (D-Arg8)-Dynorphin A (1-13) 1647.01 Inquiry
D05052 (N-Me-Tyr1,N-Me-Arg7,D-Leu-NHEt8)-Dynorphin A (1-8) 1036.29 Inquiry
D05053 Dynorphin A (1-10)-Gly-chloromethylketone 1324 Inquiry
D05055 Dynorphin A (1-6) 711.82 Inquiry
D05056 Dynorphin A (1-7) 868.01 Inquiry
D05057 Dynorphin A (1-8) 981.17 C46H72N14O10 Inquiry
D05058 Dynorphin A (1-9) 1137.35 Inquiry
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