Dynorphin, Analogs and Sequences

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
D05003 Dynorphin A (1-9), porcine 1137.4 Inquiry
D05004 Dynorphin B (1-9) 1143.3 Inquiry
D05006 Dynorphin A (9-17), porcine 1184.4 C53H85N17O14 Inquiry
D05007 Dynorphin A (1-10), amide, porcine 1233.5 C57H92N20O11 Inquiry
D05008 Dynorphin A (1-10), porcine 1234.5 Inquiry
D05009 Dynorphin A (8-17), porcine 1297.5 C59H96N18O15 Inquiry
D05010 Dynorphin A (2-12), porcine 1312.6 C60H105N21O12 Inquiry
D05012 Dynorphin A (1-11) amide 1361.66 C63H104N22O12 Inquiry
D05014 Dynorphin A (1-11), porcine 1362.7 C63H103N21O13 Inquiry
D05015 (D-Ala3)-Dynorphin A (1-11) amide 1375.69 C64H106N22O12 Inquiry
D05016 Dynorphin A (3-13), porcine 1383.8 C64H114N22O12 Inquiry
D05017 (Pro3)-Dynorphin A (1-11) amide 1401.73 C66H108N22O12 Inquiry
D05018 Dynorphin A (2-13), porcine 1440.8 Inquiry
D05019 Dynorphin A (7-17), porcine 1453.7 C65H108N22O16 Inquiry
D05020 Dynorphin A (1-12), porcine 1475.8 C69H114N22O14 Inquiry
D05021 (Cys8.13)-Dynorphin A (1-13) amide 1565.93 C69H112N24O14S2 Inquiry
D05023 Dynorphin A (1-13), amide, porcine 1603.0 C75H127N25O14 Inquiry
D05026 Dynorphin A (1-13), porcine 1604 Inquiry
D05028 Dynorphin A (6-17), porcine 1609.9 C71H120N26O17 Inquiry
D05034 Dynorphin A (3-17), porcine 1927.3 C88H143N29O20 Inquiry
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