HIV-1 MN gp160 Fragment

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H09700 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 13 2130.4 Inquiry
H09711 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 04 2170.5 Inquiry
H09724 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 06 2194.4 Inquiry
H09727 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 05 2201.5 Inquiry
H09730 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 11 2207.5 Inquiry
H09762 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 10 2261.8 Inquiry
H09790 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 16 2315.6 Inquiry
H09809 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 14 2362.7 Inquiry
H09822 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 09 2399.8 Inquiry
H09842 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 15 2441.9 Inquiry
H09859 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 08 2508.9 Inquiry
H09865 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 01 2576.1 Inquiry
H09877 HIV - 1 MN gp160 Fragment 02 851.1 Inquiry

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the pathogenesis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). It can be divided into two types: HIV-1 and HIV-2. According to the difference of (Env) in envelope gene region, HIV-1 can be divided into four groups: M, N, O and P. At present, M group and N group are popular all over the world. The molecular weight of the Env protein is 160 KD, so it is also called gp160. The initially synthesized Env is aggregated in the endoplasmic reticulum, then transferred to Golgi for glycosylation, and then cut into two smaller proteins, gp41 and gp120, by proteases in the cells and gp160 often exists in the form of polymers.

Relation of Gp160 and vpu

Gp160 and vpu are proteins encoded by the same bicistronic RNA. The researchers found that when the expression of vpu was blocked, the expression of gp160 protein was significantly up-regulated, thus resisting the inhibition of GBP5 molecules to a certain extent and increasing the viral quantity of infectious HIV-1. This phenomenon is consistent with the high-frequency mutation of vpu gene in group M HIV-1, which is naturally prevalent in the clinic.

Application of HIV-1gp160

HIV-1gp160 is the key viral envelope protein of HIV-1. In the host cell, furin cleaves a gp160 into gp120 and gp41, to form mature virus particles. HIV-1gp160 has strong immunogenicity and can be easily detected in clinical samples, which makes it a biomarker for vaccine-based research in animal models with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as an infection reagent. It can react with the antibody produced in the early stage of HIV infection, the window period can be shortened from 2~3 months to about two weeks by using gp160 antibody for HIV antigen detection. These types of research will benefit from recombinant proteins based on people living with HIV.


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  2. Hao, Y., Bai, G., Wang, J., Zhao, L., Sutherland, K., Cai, J., & Cao, C. (2015). Identifiable biomarker and treatment development using HIV-1 long term non-progressor sera. BMC immunology, 16(1), 25.
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