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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
N1901 [Tyr11] Head Activator Inquiry
N1902 26Rfa Hypothalamic Peptide rat 2820.2 Inquiry
N1904 26Rfa, Hypothalamic Peptide, frog 2818.21 C₁₂₇H₁₉₇N₃₇O₃₆ Inquiry
N1905 Alytesin 1535.8 C68H106N22O17S Inquiry
N1906 (Asn⁵)-Delta-Sleep Inducing Peptide 847.84 C₃₅H₄₉N₁₁O₁₄ Inquiry
N1907 (Des-Bromo)-Neuropeptide B (1-23) (human) trifluoroacetate salt 2348.65 C₁₀₇H₁₆₂N₃₀O₃₀ Inquiry
N1908 (Des-Ser¹)-Cerebellin 1545.72 C₆₆H₁₀₈N₂₂O₂₁ Inquiry
N1909 (D-Tyr¹,N-Me-Phe³)-Neuropeptide FF trifluoroacetate salt 1111.31 C₅₅H₇₈N₁₄O₁₁ Inquiry
N1910 (Phe¹-psi(CH₂NH)Gly²)-Nociceptin (1-13) amide 1367.62 C₆₁H₁₀₂N₂₂O₁₄ Inquiry
N1912 Ac-Asp(Glu-OH)-OH 304.26 C₁₁H₁₆N₂O₈ Inquiry
N1917 Anxiety Peptide acetate salt 1912.13 C₈₁H₁₃₈N₂₄O₂₉ Inquiry
N1918 Biotinyl-Neuropeptide W-23 (human) trifluoroacetate salt 2810.35 C₁₂₉H₁₉₇N₃₇O₃₀S₂ Inquiry
N1919 Bradykinin-Like Neuropeptide (Aplysia californica) trifluoroacetate salt 1327.58 C₅₃H₉₈N₂₄O₁₄S Inquiry
N1920 Buccalin trifluoroacetate salt 1053.21 C₄₅H₇₂N₁₂O₁₅S Inquiry
N1922 Cortistatin-17 (human) trifluoroacetate salt 2151.53 C₉₆H₁₃₉N₂₇O₂₄S₃ Inquiry
N1924 Diazepam Binding Inhibitor (DBI) Fragment (human) 2150.40 C₉₁H₁₄₈N₂₆O₃₂S Inquiry
N1926 Head activator 1125.33 C₅₄H₈₄N₁₂O₁₄ Inquiry
N1927 Head activator (7-11) acetate salt 618.82 C₃₂H₅₄N₆O₆ Inquiry
N1928 He-LWamide II 695.86 C₃₅H₅₃N₉O₆ Inquiry
N1929 Hemokinin 1 (human) trifluoroacetate salt 1185.41 C₅₄H₈₄N₁₄O₁₄S Inquiry

Neuropeptide is a kind of special information substance, which refers to the endogenous active substance which exists in nerve tissue and participates in the function of the nervous system. Neuropeptides exist not only in the nervous system but also in various systems of the whole body, playing a variety of roles, such as neurohormones, neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, and cytokines. It plays an important role in regulating various physiological functions at all stages of biological development. In recent years, with the development of molecular biology techniques, the research of neuropeptides is advancing by leaps and bounds.

Mechanism of action

Neuropeptides are related to peptide hormones. In some cases, peripheral hormonal peptides also have the function of neuropeptides. Typically, peptides act on metabolic or G-protein-coupled receptors expressed by selective neuronal populations. In essence, they are specific signals between one group of neurons and another group of neurons. Neurotransmitters generally affect the excitability of other neurons by depolarizing or hyperpolarizing them. Peptides have more different effects, they can affect gene expression, local blood flow, synapse formation, and glial cell morphology. Peptides often have lasting effects, some of which have a significant effect on behavior.


Neuropeptide is characterized by low content, high activity, extensive and complex function, and regulating a variety of physiological functions in vivo, such as pain, sleep, emotion, learning and memory and even the differentiation and development of the nervous system itself. Peptide signals play a different role in information processing than traditional neurotransmitters, and many seem to be particularly related to specific behavior. For example, oxytocin and vasopressin have significant and specific effects on social behavior, including maternal behavior and pairing binding.


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