Oligoarginine Peptides

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
10-101-246 (Arg)9 1423.69 C54H110N36O10 Inquiry
GR1102 (D-Arg)9 1423.7 Inquiry
GR1103 (Arg)9W 1609.92 Inquiry
GR1104 (Arg)9 biotin labeled 1762.2 Inquiry
GR1105 (Arg)9, FAM-labeled 1782 Inquiry
GR1106 (Arg)9, TAMRA-labeled 1836.2 Inquiry
GR1107 Cys(Npys)-(Arg)9 1680.1 Inquiry
GR1108 Cys(Npys)-(D-Arg)9 1680.1 Inquiry
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