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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
H09018 V3 gp120 HIV (WM) 1361.6 Inquiry
H09020 V3 gp120 HIV (AD - 11) 1379.6 Inquiry
H09025 V3 gp120 HIV (JR - FL) 1419.6 Inquiry
H09031 V3 gp120 HIV (BK - 130) 1454.7 Inquiry
H09747 VIR - 165, Alpha1 - Antitrypsin Modification (353 - 372) 2240.7 Inquiry
H09879 Gag Spacer Peptide P1 1550 Inquiry
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 Developed by the German company Hoechst Marion Roussel and derived from genetic modification of hirudin, lepirud ...

 Myristoyl pentapeptide-7, a cosmetic peptide, is a synthetic peptide containing lysine and threonine residues, w ...

 Aprotinin is a natural proteinase inhibitor polypeptide derived from bovine lung tissue. It is a monomeric glo ...

 Norleual is a potent inhibitor of the HGF/Met system, which inhibited the prosurvival effects of HGF and suppres ...

  Perindopril erbumine is an angiotensioncon vertingenzyme (ACE) inhibitor without sulfhydryl group. It is a chi ...

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