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Peptide Inhibitors

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Cat. # Product Name Price
R1113 FC 131 Inquiry
R1112 Aprotinin Inquiry
R1111 Caspase-2 Inhibitor Z-VDVAD-FMK Inquiry
R1109 Caspase-6 Inhibitor Z-VEID-FMK Inquiry
R1101 Tertiapin-Q Inquiry
R1100 Astressin 2B Inquiry
R1096 BIO 1211 Inquiry
R1095 TC 14012 Inquiry
R1093 Spadin Inquiry
R1089 Ac2-26 Inquiry
R1088 Conantokin-R Inquiry
R1087 R 715 Inquiry
R1086 NFAT Inhibitor Inquiry
R1085 Z-VRPR-FMK trifluoroacetate salt Inquiry
R1081 (d(CH2)51,Tyr(Me)2,Arg8)-Vasopressin Inquiry

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