Protein Phosphorylation Related Peptides

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
P75001 ε-V1-2, ε-PKC Inhibitor 844 Inquiry
P75002 Abltide 1264.5 Inquiry
P75003 Bovine β-Casein, monophosphopeptide 2062 Inquiry
P75004 Cathepsin K substrate 920 Inquiry
P75005 CDK7/9 tide 2690 Inquiry
P75006 DNA-PK Substrate 1759 Inquiry
P75007 epsilon-V1-2, epsilon-PKC Inhibitor, Cys-conjugated 947.1 Inquiry
P75008 Erktide 1677 Inquiry
P75009 ERKtide 1312.5 Inquiry
P75010 Forkhead derived peptide, Woodtide 1586.9 Inquiry
P75011 GSK3 Substrate, a, b subunit 2629.9 Inquiry
P75012 Jak3tide 1813 Inquiry
P75013 MLC-derived peptide 1578.9 Inquiry
P75014 Myristolated PKC Zeta, Pseudosubstrate ZIP, Scrambled 1928.5 Inquiry
P75015 PDKtide 4771.4 Inquiry
P75016 Psi-RACK, epsilon-C2/V1 (82-92), epsilon PKC (82-92), C2 Domain 886.9 Inquiry
P75017 RS domain derived peptide 1204.3 Inquiry
P75018 S3 Fragment, ADF/cofilin 1698 Inquiry
P75019 Src Optimal Peptide Substrate 1799 Inquiry
P75020 PLP (180-199) 2085.4 Inquiry
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