An Isolated TCR αβ Restricted by HLA-A* 02: 01/CT37 Peptide Redirecting CD8+ T Cells to Kill and Secrete IFN-γ in Response to Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines

Flores-Villanueva, P. O., Ganachari, M., Guio, H., Mejia, J. A., & Granados, J. The Journal of Immunology (2018): ji1701054.

Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related death among both men and women in the United States, where non–small cell lung cancer accounts for ∼85% of lung cancer. Lung adenocarcinoma (ADC) is the major histologic subtype. The presence of actionable mutations prompts the use of therapies designed to specifically address the deleterious effects of those cancer-driving mutations; these therapies have already shown promise in cases carrying those actionable mutations (∼30%). Innovative therapeutic approaches are needed for the treatment of 70% of patients suffering from lung ADC. Adoptive transfer of CD8+ T cells specific against cancer/testis (CT) Ags, whose protein expression is restricted to the gonads (testis and ovary) and cancerous cells, is an excellent alternative. In this study, we report the isolation of HLA-A*02:01/CT37 peptide–specific α and β TCR chains from a CD8+ T cell clone obtained from a patient suffering from lung ADC. We also report the development of an innovative CD3ζ construct. With those TCR chains and the engineered (modified) CD3ζ chain, we produced a construct that when transduced into CD8+ T cells is capable of redirecting transduced CD8+ T cell cytotoxic activity and IFN-γ secretion against peptide-pulsed autologous cells and HLA-A*02:01–positive and CT37-expressing lung ADC cell lines. Our findings will launch the development of innovative adoptive transfer immunotherapies for the treatment of lung ADC, targeting the most prevalent HLA molecules and CT37 peptides restricted by these molecules.

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