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Characterization of Peptides

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The analysis and identification of peptides is one of the most basic techniques in peptide research and the key to determining peptide components. According to the basic properties of the peptide, it is separated and purified, finally analyzed and identified by pure product. If the characterization of the polypeptide is not well understood, subsequent studies will be difficult. Therefore, we will provide a series of the best quality services for the analysis of peptide characterization.

The main analysis has the following aspects:

  1. Quality identification (molecular weight)
  2. Charge identification (isoelectric point)
  3. Structural identification (primary, secondary structure, crystal structure, peptide spectrum, N and C-terminus)
  4. Identification of biological functions (biological activity, specific activity, enzymatic kinetics)
  5. Immunological identification (antigen-antibody reaction, enzyme-linked immune response)

Characterization of the structure of a peptide is critical to understanding the function of the protein. Our characterization of peptide services provides deep, highly sensitive assays for the purification of derived peptide samples or expression of peptides samples.


Fig. 1 Analysis of peptide characterization (Addonizio, 2017)

Available Services

Creative Peptides has established a series of peptide N-terminal, C-terminal analysis test platforms, which have strong sensitivity and reproducibility and have been well applied at the protein level. By tandem mass spectrometry, the polypeptide chain regular broken, fragments of peptides obtained, The N-terminal, C-terminal sequence can be obtained from spectrum analysis. In addition, we established an automated sequence analyzer for sequencing based on the principle of Edman’s degradation method. In the sequence analysis, the sequence of the amino acid sequence of the target product is compared with the sequence deduced by the gene sequence, thereby obtaining the sequence information of the peptide more accurately.

Creative Peptides provides the highest resolution of the crystal structure analysis of peptides. Among them, the most important links are: data processing and analysis, heavy atom positioning, density modification, molecular replacement, graphic integration, model processing and validation. A range of services created by us can reduce the conditions for groping peptide crystals, quickly analysis the crystal structure data, and reduce analytical errors. Finally, we will give you a detailed report analysis.

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