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Cosmetic Peptides

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Development and application of cosmetic peptide

Cosmetic peptides are small molecule collagen,which contain 2-10 amino acid groups. Since the physiological process of the human body is regulated by a specific amino acid sequence peptide or protein, the bioactive peptide provides new directions and ideas for the development and application of cosmetics. Most of the cosmetics we usually use stay on the surface of the skin, but the bioactive cosmetic peptides can easily enter the dermis through the interstitial space to function.

Cosmetic peptides were originally used directly in products by European and American cosmeceuticals. The mechanism of action is similar to the protein. It promotes the proliferation of collagen, elastic fibers, polysaccharides and hyaluronic acid, increases skin moisture, skin thickness and reduces wrinkles. Due to the different types of amino acids, it can play different roles to meet different functional needs of the skin.


Today, skin care products with high-performance ingredients are increasingly favored by the market. Creative Peptides can synthesize cosmetic peptides using the latest technology to provide our customers with the most reliable custom synthetic peptides, using our advanced peptide synthesis equipment to provide you with any level of cosmetic peptides, including GMP grades. You can also find the cosmetic peptide products you need directly on our product page. Creative Peptides is your ideal partner for the development and production of cosmetic peptides.

Service Features
• Classification: Signal peptides, neurotransmitter-affecting peptides, carrier peptides, enzyme inhibitor peptides
• Modification: A variety of modification options are available to enhance the performance of cosmetic peptides, such as improving the skin permeation, anti-ageing, and anti-wrinkling properties.
• Applications: We provide cosmetic peptides for scientific research and production to meet pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.
• Prices: We create high quality products at low prices.

Every step of peptide synthesis is subject to Creative Peptides’ stringent quality control. Typical delivery specifications include:
• HPLC chromatogram
• Mass spec analysis
• Synthesis report

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1. Lintner, K., & Peschard, O. (2000). Biologically active peptides: from a laboratory bench curiosity to a functional skin care product. International journal of cosmetic science, 22(3), 207-218.

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