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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
GR1301 Antennapedia Leader Peptide (CT) 2275.8 Inquiry
GR1302 Antennapedia Peptide(43-58) , acid 2246.8 Inquiry
GR1303 Antennapedia Peptide(43-58) , amide 2245.8 Inquiry
GR1304 Antennapedia Peptide(43-58) , FAM-labeled 2604.1 Inquiry
GR1305 Cys(Npys) Antennapedia (43-58) Peptide, amide 2503.07 Inquiry
GR1306 FITC-LC-Antennapedia(43-58) Peptide 2748.3 Inquiry
GR1701 Penetratin 2360.9 Inquiry
GR1702 Penetratin-Arg 2358.8 Inquiry
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