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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
GR1301 Antennapedia Leader Peptide (CT) 2275.8 Inquiry
GR1302 Antennapedia Peptide(43-58) , acid 2246.8 Inquiry
GR1303 Antennapedia Peptide(43-58) , amide 2245.8 Inquiry
GR1304 Antennapedia Peptide(43-58) , FAM-labeled 2604.1 Inquiry
GR1305 Cys(Npys) Antennapedia (43-58) Peptide, amide 2503.07 Inquiry
GR1306 FITC-LC-Antennapedia(43-58) Peptide 2748.3 Inquiry
GR1701 Penetratin 2360.9 Inquiry
GR1702 Penetratin-Arg 2358.8 Inquiry
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PBP 10, a highly specific FPR2 antagonist

 PBP 10 (RhoB-Glu-Arg-Leu-Phe-Glc-Val-Lys-Glc-Arg-Arg) is a 10-aa-long rhodamine-linked and membrane-permeable pe ...

HERG-specific Peptide Toxin-BeKm 1

 The toxin BeKm 1 is a HERG-specific peptide toxin, which are voltage-gated K+ channels, coded by the human ether ...

Function of ICI 174,864 in traumatic hemorrhagic shock

 ICI 174,864 is an opioid peptide, belonging to subclasses of opioid receptors. Its chemical structure is N, N-di ...

Effects of Gonadorelin Hydrochloride on Ovarian Follicular Cysts in Cows

Gonadorelin hydrochloride, with the same amino acid sequence as endogenous gonadorelin, which is Pro-His-Trp-Ser ...

Function of Timonacic in Cancer

 Timonacic's chemical name, L-Syrosin-4, is a new anti-tumor drug that converts cancer cells into normal cells. E ...

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