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Endorphins, Analogs and Fragments

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E05018 δ-Endorphin (human) Inquiry
E05017 δ-Endorphin (bovine, camel, mouse, ovine) Inquiry
E05030 β-Lipotropin (88-91) Inquiry
E05029 β-Lipotropin (61-64) Inquiry
E05036 β-Lipotropin (1-10), porcine Inquiry
E05026 β-Endorphin, rat Inquiry
E05023 β-Endorphin, porcine Inquiry
E05025 β-Endorphin, human Inquiry
E05022 β-Endorphin (equine) Inquiry
E05024 β-Endorphin (bovine, camel, mouse) Inquiry
E05016 β-Endorphin (6-31) (human) Inquiry
E05012 β-Endorphin (30-31) (human) Inquiry
E05011 β-Endorphin (30-31) (bovine, camel, mouse, ovine) Inquiry
E05031 β-Endorphin (27-31) (human) Inquiry
E05004 β-Endorphin (18-31) (human) Inquiry

Endorphin, which is an endogenic morphine-like biochemical hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. It is a peptide secreted by the pituitary gland and the thalamus of vertebrates. It binds to morphine receptors and produces the same analgesic effect and euphoria as morphine and opiates. The equivalent of a natural painkiller. Endorphin is a kind of endogenous morphine-like peptide produced in vivo. These peptides not only have an analgesic function but also have many other physiological functions, such as regulating body temperature, cardiovascular and respiratory function. A general term for neuropeptides with morphine-like activity in endorphin.

Types of Endorphin

Endorphin can be divided into four types: α, β, γ and δ. Among them, a large number of β-endorphin exists in the pituitary gland. Enkephalin is two special pentapeptide compounds in endogenous opioid-like substances: Leucine and methionine enkephalin, which contain active groups similar to morphine. In the vitro synaptic opioid binding assay, enkephalin, α endorphin, and γ endorphin had the same activity as morphine, while the activity of β endorphin was 5 to 10 times higher than that of morphine. The analgesic effect of endorphin can only be seen when given in the brain, but it has not been confirmed whether peripheral administration has analgesic activity. Endorphin system is composed of endogenous peptides, opioid receptors, and endorphin neurons.

Application of Endorphins

Guillemin et al. found that during the stress response induced by surgery, the increase of β-endorphin synthesis was accompanied by the secretion of ACTH. Both β-endorphin and ACTH are derived from the pituitary gland and are regulated by corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) and controlled by adrenal feedback. CRF, β-endorphin and ACTH maintain homeostasis and regulate pain. Bloom studies have shown that enkephalin is more widespread in the brain than endorphin, and there is no correlation between enkephalin and β-endorphin concentration. Because endorphin regulates stress-induced analgesia, plasma endorphin levels can be used to infer the activity of the central opioid pathway. The degree of clinical pain after surgical trauma can be determined by the determination of plasma endorphin.

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