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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
E05001 b-Neo-Endorphin 1100.3 C54H77N13O12 Inquiry
E05002 a-Neo-Endorphin, porcine 1228.5 C60H89N15O13 Inquiry
E05003 a-Neo-Endorphin Analog 1383.7 C66H102N20O13 Inquiry
E05004 β-Endorphin (18-31) (human) 1623.92 C75H122N20O20 Inquiry
E05005 [Des-Tyr1] g-Endorphin 1696.0 C74H122N18O25S1 Inquiry
E05008 Acetyl, a-Endorphin 1788.0 C79H122N18O27S1 Inquiry
E05009 g-Endorphin 1859.1 C83H131N19O27S1 Inquiry
E05010 Acetyl, g-Endorphin 1901.2 C85H133N19O28S1 Inquiry
E05011 β-Endorphin (30-31) (bovine, camel, mouse, ovine) 203.20 C7H13N3O4 Inquiry
E05012 β-Endorphin (30-31) (human) 204.18 C7H12N2O5 Inquiry
E05013 β-Endorphin (1-5) + (16-31), human 2393.9 C112H173N27O29S1 Inquiry
E05014 β-Endorphin (1-26), human 2859.4 C130H208N32O38S1 Inquiry
E05015 Acetyl, β-Endorphin (1-26), human 2901.4 C132H210N32O39S1 Inquiry
E05016 β-Endorphin (6-31) (human) 2909.38 C131H218N34O40 Inquiry
E05017 δ-Endorphin (bovine, camel, mouse, ovine) 2996.48 C136H215N35O39S Inquiry
E05018 δ-Endorphin (human) 3022.52 C139H217N33O40S Inquiry
E05019 Acetyl-δ-Endorphin (bovine, camel, mouse, ovine) 3038.52 C138H217N35O40S Inquiry
E05020 Acetyl, β-Endorphin (1-27), human 3064.6 C141H219N33O41S1 Inquiry
E05021 [Des-Tyr1] b-Endorphin, human 3302.0 C149H242N38O44S1 Inquiry
E05022 β-Endorphin (equine) 3423.99 C154H248N42O44S Inquiry
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