Function of KYL Solution on the Cold Preservation of Liver



Appropriate perfusion preservation solution is of great significance for reducing or slowing down various damages during organ preservation, prolonging organ preservation time and improving organ quality. KYL solution is a successful long-acting multi-organ preservation solution currently developed for many transplant centers in the world. Its composition is simplified, it is easy to transport, store and use in clinical, and its production cost is low.

Pharmacologic action

KYL solution is a kind of organ preservation solutions which has the effect of increasing endogenous superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity to scavenge oxygen free radicals. In addition, malondialdehyde (MDA) content increased with the prolongation of storage time (linear correlation), and the intracellular calcium concentration in hepatocytes increased with the prolongation of storage time (linear correlation), and the two were positively correlated. It was confirmed that the effects of calcium antagonism and anti-oxygen free radicals are mutually causal. KYL solution has the ability to scavenge oxygen free radicals and calcium antagonism, and its calcium antagonism is stronger, which is conducive to long-term preservation of transplanted liver.


UW solution is one of the most successful long-acting multi-organ preservation solutions currently developed. In terms of liver preservation, it greatly prolongs the preservation time and revolutionized the field of liver transplantation. But it still has many shortcomings. KYL solution is based on a comprehensive analysis of UW solution formula, combined with new developments in the field of organ preservation, and has been successfully formulated. Its advantages are: (1) removal of light ethyl starch, sucrose instead of raffinose; (2) Add drugs K, Y, L that have protective effects on liver cells; (3) Have KH2 PO4-NaHPO4 and drug L-NaOH two pairs of buffer pairs, strong buffer capacity; (4) Removes additives such as penicillin, compound sulfa synergist, dexamethasone, and insulin in UW solution, and uses ulinastatin as a cell membrane stabilizer.

Drug toxicity

According to the drug toxicity test, 2ml of the prepared solution was intraperitoneally injected into the mouse according to the preparation solution of K0.69g/L + Y0.6g/L + L22g/L. After careful observation for 48 hours, the mice were in good mental state and normal diet, activity, no death within 48 hours. After dissection, there were no obvious abnormalities in the naked eye and lungs.


1. Li, L., Li, C., & Zhang, B. (2006). Effects of cold preservation of rat liver with self-designed KYL solution on cell apoptosis. Chinese Journal of Hepatobiliary Surgery, 12(9), 628.

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