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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
10-101-05 Atosiban 994.19 C43H67N11O12S2 Inquiry
10-101-206 Antagonist G 951.19 C49H62O6N12S Inquiry
10-101-207 Gonadorelin diacetate 1302.39 C59H83N17O17 Inquiry
10-101-210 Edotreotide 1421.66 C65H92N14O18S2(netpeptide) Inquiry
10-101-249 [D-Ser2] Leu-Enkephalin-Thr 686.75 C33H46N6O10 Inquiry
10-101-251 Ile-Pro-Pro 325.4 C16H27N3O4 Inquiry
10-101-260 IGF-1 LR3 9117.60 C400H625N111O115S9 Inquiry
10-101-277 (D-Ala7)-Angiotensin I/II (1-7) 873 C39H60N12O11 Inquiry
10-101-280 β-Casomorphin (1-7), bovine 789.92 C41H55N7O9 Inquiry
10-101-285 Teduglutide 3752.08 C164H252N44O55S Inquiry
10-101-306 CALP3 881.1 C44H68N10O9 Inquiry
10-101-318 TLQP 21 2432.7 C107H170N40O26 Inquiry
10-101-66 Kassinin 1334.54 C59H95N15O18S Inquiry
10-101-90 Lepirudin 6979.52 C287H440N80O111S6 Inquiry
10-101-98 Romurtide 887.11 C43H78N6O13 Inquiry
A0401 Bis-AC 526.59 Inquiry
A0402 Bis-ACAbu 696.8 Inquiry
A0403 ACV 363.44 Inquiry
A0404 Bis-ACV 724.85 Inquiry
A11002 Epiamastatin · HCl 511.02 Inquiry
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