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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
A0401 Bis-AC 526.59 Inquiry
A0402 Bis-ACAbu 696.8 Inquiry
A0403 ACV 363.44 Inquiry
A0404 Bis-ACV 724.85 Inquiry
A11002 Epiamastatin · HCl 511.02 Inquiry
A18001 Antp-type hexapeptide Inquiry
A18003 (Cys-Antennapedia Homeobox (43-58) amide)-(Cys-FLAG-Cofilin (1-13) (human, mouse, porcine, rat)) 4678.47 Inquiry
A18004 Biotinyl-5-aminopentanoyl-Antennapedia Homeobox (43-58) amide 2571.21 Inquiry
A18005 Cys(NPys)-Antennapedia Homeobox (43-58) amide 2503.07 Inquiry
A18006 FITC-EpsilonAhx-Antennapedia Homeobox (43-58) amide 2748.32 Inquiry
A21001 Anxiety Peptide 1912.13 C81H138N24O29 Inquiry
A23002 T3 Peptide / Tumstatin (69-88), human 2407.85 C109H159N27O29S3 Inquiry
A23003 T7 Peptide / Tumstatin (74-98) , human 3018.42 C137H189N33O39S3 Inquiry
A23029 Calpain Inhibitor Peptide 3136.6 C140H227N35O44S1 Inquiry
A23039 TNF-a (71-82), human 1258.4 C51H91N19O18 Inquiry
A23040 Obesity and Apoptosis Related Peptide, scrambled 2554.1 Inquiry
A23041 Bak BH3, Bcl2 (72-87) 1967.2 Inquiry
A23042 Bcl 9-2 4944.6 Inquiry
A23043 Survivin (20-28), human 1139.3 Inquiry
A23044 Survivin (32-40) 1007.2 Inquiry
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