Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone-Release Inhibiting Factor (MIF-I) and Analogs

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
M2701 α-MSH (free acid) 1665.89 Inquiry
M2703 (Nle4)-α-MSH 1646.87 Inquiry
M2706 β-MSH (monkey) 2204.41 Inquiry
M2707 β-MSH (porcine) 2176.4 Inquiry
M2708 (Met5,Pro6,D-Phe7,D-Trp9,Phe10)-α-MSH (5-13) 1206.52 Inquiry
M2709 (Tyr9)-β-MSH (porcine) 2202.43 Inquiry
M2710 γ3-MSH 2943.22 Inquiry
M2711 MSH-B 2401.7 Inquiry
M2712 Acetyl-(Nle4,Gln5,D-Phe7,D-Trp9)-α-MSH (4-10) amide 984.13 Inquiry
M2713 Characteristic MSH-Tetrapeptide 644.73 Inquiry
M2715 Acetyl-(Nle4,Asp5,D-2-Nal7,Lys10)-cyclo-α-MSH (4-10) amide 1074.25 Inquiry
M2717 γ-MSH (3-8) 832.98 Inquiry
M2718 Acetyl-(Cys11,D-2-Nal14,Cys18)-β-MSH (11-22) amide 1563.78 Inquiry
M2719 (Des-acetyl)-α-MSH 1622.87 Inquiry
M2720 γ1-MSH 1512.76 C72H97N21O14S Inquiry
M2721 γ2-MSH 1570.8 Inquiry
M2722 δ-MSH 863.99 Inquiry
M2723 Acetyl-(Cys3,Nle4,Arg5,D-2-Nal7,Cys11)-α-MSH (3-11) amide 1266.52 Inquiry
M2724 (Deamino-Cys11,D-2-Nal14,Cys18)-β-MSH (11-22) amide 1506.73 Inquiry
M2725 (Deamino-Cys3,Nle4,Arg5,D-2-Nal7,Cys11)-α-MSH (3-11) amide 1209.47 Inquiry
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