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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
C08012 [Cys96]Bid BH3, mouse 2774.1 Inquiry
C08015 [Gln340]-Maspin, Reactive Site Loop (RSL), (330-345) 1648.8 Inquiry
C08016 [Ile12, Val15] MUC5AC Analog 3 1541.7 Inquiry
C08017 [Ile161]MAGE-A2 (157-166) 1194.4 Inquiry
C08019 [Ser244] Tyrosinase (240-251) 1388.4 Inquiry
C08020 [Val165]NY-ESO-1(157-165) 1090.4 Inquiry
C08021 234 CM 1048.3 Inquiry
C08022 234 CW 1066.3 Inquiry
C08024 Adipophilin 833.9 Inquiry
C08025 Amphoterin (150.183) 3805.5 Inquiry
C08026 Antennapedia Bak BH3 (Ant-BH3) (71-89) Fusion peptide 4404.3 Inquiry
C08027 Anti-Flt1 Peptide 763.9 Inquiry
C08028 BAFF-R (160-183) 2412.7 Inquiry
C08029 BAGE (2-10) 931.2 Inquiry
C08031 Bak BH3 (67-87) 2228.5 Inquiry
C08032 Bak BH3 (69-93) 2842.2 Inquiry
C08033 Bak BH3 (71-89) 2175.5 Inquiry
C08034 Bak BH3 (73-87) 1667.9 Inquiry
C08036 Bax BH3 1834.1 Inquiry
C08037 Bax BH3 (58-71) 1618.9 Inquiry
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