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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
C0101 Lepirudin acetate salt 6979.52 C₂₈₇H₄₄₀N₈₀O₁₁₁S₆ Inquiry
C0102 Maxadilan trifluoroacetate salt 6865.82 C₂₉₁H₄₆₆N₈₆O₉₄S₆ Inquiry
C0103 Mca-Ala-Pro-Lys(Dnp)-OH 696.67 C₃₂H₃₆N₆O₁₂ Inquiry
C0104 Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-1 (65-76) (human) trifluoroacetate salt 1411.54 C₅₉H₉₈N₁₈O₂₂ Inquiry
C0105 Ovalbumin (154-159) trifluoroacetate salt 672.78 C₂₈H₅₂N₁₀O₉ Inquiry
C0109 Physalaemin 1265.46 C₅₈H₈₄N₁₄O₁₆S Inquiry
C0113 Sarafotoxin C trifluoroacetate salt 2515.79 C₁₀₃H₁₄₇N₂₇O₃₇S₅ Inquiry
C0114 Sauvagine trifluoroacetate salt 4599.38 C₂₀₂H₃₄₆N₅₆O₆₃S Inquiry
C02001 (Tyr65,Phe67)-C5a (65-74) (human) 1244.44 C55H85N15O16S Inquiry
C03002 Caerulein (desulfated) 1272.36 C58H73N13O18S Inquiry
C04003 Calcineurin (PP2B) Substrate [DLDVPIPGRFDRRVSVAAE], Non-Phosphorylated 2112.4 Inquiry
C07002 4-Fluoro-benzenesulfonyl-Val-Leu-aldehyde 372.46 Inquiry
C07003 Calpain Inhibitor I 383.53 Inquiry
C07004 Calpain Inhibitor II 401.57 Inquiry
C07005 Calpain Inhibitor III 382.46 Inquiry
C08004 [Ala6, Val15] MUC5AC Analog 2 1503.6 Inquiry
C08006 [Arg67]Bax H2-H3 (53-86), [R67] Helix 2-3 (53-86), mutant 3896.5 Inquiry
C08007 [Asn370] tyrosinase (368.376) 1030.2 Inquiry
C08008 [Asp370]-Tyrosinase (368-376) 1031.2 Inquiry
C08009 [C92,96]Bid BH3 (77-100), mouse 2749.1 Inquiry
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