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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
C0046 H-Ala-Leu-Pro-Met-His-Ile-Arg-OH trifluoroacetate salt 837.06 C₃₇H₆₄N₁₂O₈S Inquiry
C0047 H-Ala-Trp-OH 275.31 C₁₄H₁₇N₃O₃ Inquiry
C0048 H-Ala-Tyr-OH 252.27 C₁₂H₁₆N₂O₄ Inquiry
C0049 H-Arg-Glu-Asp-Val-OH trifluoroacetate salt 517.53 C₂₀H₃₅N₇O₉ Inquiry
C0050 H-Arg-Phe-OH acetate salt 321.38 C₁₅H₂₃N₅O₃ Inquiry
C0051 H-Asp-Ala-His-Lys-OH 469.5 C₁₉H₃₁N₇O₇ Inquiry
C0056 H-D-Phe-Phe-Arg-chloromethylketone trifluoroacetate salt 501.03 C₂₅H₃₃ClN₆O₃ Inquiry
C0057 H-D-Pro-Phe-Arg-chloromethylketone trifluoroacetate salt 450.97 C₂₁H₃₁ClN₆O₃ Inquiry
C0058 H-D-Tyr-Pro-Arg-chloromethylketone trifluoroacetate salt 466.97 C₂₁H₃₁ClN₆O₄ Inquiry
C0059 H-Glu-Gly-Arg-chloromethylketone trifluoroacetate salt 392.84 C₁₄H₂₅ClN₆O₅ Inquiry
C0060 H-Gly-Gly-Tyr-OH 295.3 C₁₃H₁₇N₃O₅ Inquiry
C0061 H-Gly-His-Arg-Pro-NH₂ acetate salt 464.53 C₁₉H₃₂N₁₀O₄ Inquiry
C0062 H-Gly-His-Arg-Pro-OH acetate salt 465.51 C₁₉H₃₁N₉O₅ Inquiry
C0064 H-Gly-Pro-Arg-Pro-NH₂ acetate salt 424.50 C₁₈H₃₂N₈O₄ Inquiry
C0065 H-Gly-Pro-Arg-Pro-OH acetate salt 425.49 C₁₈H₃₁N₇O₅ Inquiry
C0066 H-Gly-Pro-Gly-Gly-OH 286.29 C₁₁H₁₈N₄O₅ Inquiry
C0067 H-His-Leu-OH 268.32 C₁₂H₂₀N₄O₃ Inquiry
C0068 H-Ile-Arg-Pro-OH 384.48 C₁₇H₃₂N₆O₄ Inquiry
C0070 H-Ile-Trp-OH 317.39 C₁₇H₂₃N₃O₃ Inquiry
C0071 H-Ile-Tyr-OH 294.35 C₁₅H₂₂N₂O₄ Inquiry
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