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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
A4601 Anorexigenic Peptide 323.31 Inquiry
A4602 H-Glu-His-Gly-OH 341.32 Inquiry
A4603 H-Pro-His-Gly-OH 309.33 Inquiry
A4801 TIMP-2 (145-168) (human, bovine) 2882.34 Inquiry
A4802 (Cys(Acm)33)-Endostatin (6-49) (human) 4777.56 Inquiry
A4902 Ac-SQNY 552.6 Inquiry
A4903 Bactenecin, bovine 1483.9 C63H118N24O13S2 Inquiry
A4905 CD36 Peptide P (139-155) 1976.2 Inquiry
A4907 CD36 Peptide P (93-110) 2270.5 Inquiry
A4911 Immunstimulating Peptide, human 716.8 Inquiry
A4915 K-T-K-C-K-F-L-K-K-C 1224.6 Inquiry
A4918 Magainin Spacer Peptide 2332.3 Inquiry
A4919 S-I-G-S-L-A-K 674.8 Inquiry
A5018 H-Val-Tyr-Pro-OH 377.44 Inquiry
A5101 IDR-1 1391.76 Inquiry
A5302 Z-D-Phe-Phe-Gly-OH 503.56 Inquiry
A5303 H-Gly-Pro-Gly-NH2. HCl 264.71 Inquiry
A5401 AQEE-30 (human) 3708.02 Inquiry
A5402 AQEE-30 (mouse, rat) 3674.94 Inquiry
AF149 Hyposin-HA3 Inquiry
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