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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
A27015 Peptide I Inquiry
A28001 Achatin-1 Inquiry
A29001 Acrorhagin-1 Inquiry
A29002 Acrorhagin-2 Inquiry
A29003 Acrorhagin-1a Inquiry
A29004 Acrorhagin-2a Inquiry
A30001 Omega-agatoxin-Aa4b Inquiry
A30002 Omega-agatoxin-Aa4a Inquiry
A30003 Omega-agatoxin-1A minor chain Inquiry
A30004 Mu-agatoxin-Aa1a Inquiry
A31003 Allatotropin-related peptide Inquiry
A32002 C peptide Inquiry
A32007 Androgenic gland hormone B chain Inquiry
A32009 Androgenic gland hormone A chain Inquiry
A33001 Antho-Kaamide Inquiry
A33002 Antho-RIamide-1 Inquiry
A33003 Antho-RIamide-2 Inquiry
A34001 Antidiuretic factor A Inquiry
A34002 Antidiuretic factor B Inquiry
A34003 Angiotensin-1 Inquiry
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