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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
A23047 GRP78 Binding Chimeric Peptide Motif 2721.5 Inquiry
A23048 LKKTETQ, Actin-Binding Domain 847.0 Inquiry
A23049 NOXA BH3, Peptide 2 2879.4 Inquiry
A23050 PR39, Anti-Apoptotic Factor 4720.7 Inquiry
A23051 PR39-S0, Scrambled PR39 4720.7 Inquiry
A23053 Proapoptotic Peptide, (klaklak)2 1523 Inquiry
A23054 Survivin (104-113) 1242.5 Inquiry
A23055 Proapoptotic Chimera Prostate Vasculature Marker 2396.1 Inquiry
A23058 Survivin (114-123) 1189.3 Inquiry
A23059 Survivin (46-54) 1017.1 Inquiry
A23060 Survivin (65-93) 1065.4 Inquiry
A23061 Survivin (66-74), mouse 1042.1 Inquiry
A25002 Antho-RFAM-ide 488.2 Inquiry
A25005 AF-2, nematode 991.1 Inquiry
A25011 Arg-Phe--NH2 . HCl 320.4.36.5 Inquiry
A25012 Catch-Relaxing Peptide (CARP) 830.1 Inquiry
A25013 Corazonin, American Cockroach, Periplaneta americana 1369.5 Inquiry
A25014 FMRF-related peptide, Lymnaea heptapeptide 850 Inquiry
A25015 FMRF-related peptide, Pyr--DPFLRFM--NH2 904 Inquiry
A25016 FMRF-related peptide, SDPFLRF--NH2 880 Inquiry
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