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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
AF1510 Latarcin-1 Inquiry
AF2930 Lebocin-like anionic peptide 1 Inquiry
AF3061 Drosomycin Inquiry
AF310 Japonicin-1 Inquiry
AF311 Japonicin-1CDYa Inquiry
AF321 Hyposin-HA4 Inquiry
AF671 Hylin-b2 Inquiry
AF672 Hylin-b1 Inquiry
AF683 Phylloseptin-7 Inquiry
AF770 Kassinatuerin-2 Inquiry
AF916 Japonicin-2 Inquiry
AF931 Kassinatuerin-1 Inquiry
B05001 Band 3 Protein (547-553) (human) 886.02 C41H63N11O11 Inquiry
B05002 Band 3 Protein (824-829) (human) 791.99 C37H65N11O8 Inquiry
B10001 Vasonatrin Peptide (1-27) 2865.4 C124H198N36O36S3 Inquiry
B11002 Acidic peptide 1-1 Inquiry
B11004 Octapeptide 1 Inquiry
B11005 Acidic peptide 1-2 Inquiry
B11006 Bombinin-H Inquiry
B11007 Acidic peptide 2-1 Inquiry
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