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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
B11008 Bombinin-like peptide 2 Inquiry
B11010 Acidic peptide 2-2 Inquiry
B11011 Bombinin-H2 Inquiry
B11012 Maximin-10 Inquiry
B11013 Maximin-H3 Inquiry
B12001 Bombolitin Inquiry
B12007 Bombolitin-6 Inquiry
B12008 Bombolitin-7 Inquiry
B12009 Bombolitin-8 Inquiry
B13001 Buccalin-A Inquiry
B13002 Buccalin-B Inquiry
B13003 Buccalin-C Inquiry
B13004 Buccalin-D Inquiry
B13005 Buccalin-E Inquiry
B13006 Buccalin-F Inquiry
B13007 Buccalin-G Inquiry
B13008 Buccalin-H Inquiry
B13009 Buccalin-I Inquiry
B13010 Buccalin-J Inquiry
B13011 Buccalin-K Inquiry
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