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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
A25017 Lamprey PQRFAM-ide 2195.6 Inquiry
A25018 Neuropeptide AF (hNPAF), Human 1978.2 Inquiry
A25019 NPSF (1-37), Neuropeptide SF (1-37) 4257 Inquiry
A25020 NPVF 969.2 Inquiry
A25021 RFAM-ide peptide, Drosophila 1247.4 Inquiry
A26002 Abaecin Inquiry
A27001 Drosulfakinin-0 Inquiry
A27002 Drosulfakinin-1 Inquiry
A27003 Drosulfakinin-2 Inquiry
A27004 Short neuropeptide F Inquiry
A27005 Neuropeptide F Inquiry
A27006 RLRF peptide 1 Inquiry
A27007 RLRF peptide 2 Inquiry
A27008 sNPF peptide 2 Inquiry
A27009 sNPF-associated peptide Inquiry
A27010 Luqin Inquiry
A27011 Luqin-B Inquiry
A27012 Luqin-C Inquiry
A27013 Histidine-rich basic peptide Inquiry
A27014 Peptide II Inquiry
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