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Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38

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Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 is the reaction product of palmitic acid and Tripeptide-38. It penetrates deep into the dermis to boost the production of collagen and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, particularly on the forehead.
MATRIXYL synthe'6; Volulip
Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38
Common storage 2-8℃,long time storage -20℃.
Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 is a powerful anti-wrinkle peptide, acting on skin-rebuilding essentials and smoothing wrinkles from the inside. By assisting the body's natural regeneration process, it helps the skin retain its youthful firmness and radiant glow.
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Improves appearance of skin relief, fine lines, and wrinkles from the inside particularly on the forehead and crow’s feet. In-vitro studies have shown that palmitoyl tripeptide-38 can promote the formation of several matrix proteins that occur in the connective tissue. This peptide boosts the production of matrix proteins in the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (several types of collagen, fibronectin, laminin) and other components of the extracellular matrix, such as hyaluronic acid.

CAS: 616204-22-9
Sequence: Ac-Glu-Glu-Met-Gln-Arg-Arg-NH2
M.W: 888.99
Molecular Formula: C46H56N12O6
CAS: 1012317-71-3
Sequence: Caprooyl-Gly-His-Lys-Lys
M.W: 554.3
Molecular Formula: ---
CAS: 823202-99-9
Sequence: ---
M.W: 495.5733
Molecular Formula: C19H29N5O3.2(C2H4O2)
CAS: ---
Sequence: ---
M.W: ---
Molecular Formula: ---
CAS: 100684-36-4
Sequence: ---
M.W: 676.80232
Molecular Formula: C36H48N6O7

An open label clinical trial was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a multi-ingredient anti-aging moisturizer designed to improve the appearance of facial skin. Parameters studied included fine lines and wrinkles, clarity/brightness, visual roughness, tactile roughness, evenness of skin tone (redness), evenness of skin tone (hyperpigmentation) and overall appearance. Thirty-seven female subjects, ages 35-60 years completed the study. Effective ingredients incorporated into the facial anti-aging moisturizer include: Astragalus membranaceus root extract, a peptide blend including palmitoyl tripeptide-38, standardized rosemary leaf extract (ursolic acid), tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (THD ascorbate) and ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10). Subjects were instructed to apply the moisturizer twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Subjects were evaluated at baseline and after 4, 8, and 12 weeks of product usage. Clinical evaluations were conducted at each visit. A self-assessment questionnaire was conducted at week 4, week 8, and week 12. The self-assessment questionnaire included product efficacy inquiries and product aesthetic inquiries. Digital photography was conducted at baseline, week 8, and week 12. After 8 weeks of twice daily use, clinical evaluation results show that the multi-ingredient anti-aging moisturizer produced a statistically significant improvement in the scores of all clinical grading parameters assessed compared to baseline. A greater statistically significant improvement was seen at 12 weeks. At week 12, there was a statistically significant percentage of favorable results versus unfavorable results in all product efficacy and product aesthetic self-assessment questionnaire results. Digital photography supported the clinical grading and self-assessment questionnaire results. Additionally, the multi-ingredient anti-aging moisturizer is judged to be mild and well tolerated. Several tolerability parameters were assessed at all time points with no statistically significant increase in any of the scores compared to baseline.

Herndon Jr, J. H., Jiang, L., Kononov, T., & Fox, T. (2015). An Open Label Clinical Trial of a Multi-Ingredient Anti-Aging Moisturizer Designed to Improve the Appearance of Facial Skin. Journal of drugs in dermatology: JDD, 14(7), 699-704.

Epithelial regeneration in skin is achieved by the constant turnover and differentiation of keratinocytes. Epidermal and dermal stem cells compartments are fundamental for the continuous renewal of the skin. Adult stem cells are the unique source for skin tissue renewal. Plants have stem cells and plant derived stem cell extracts are now used in topical products for their potential anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effects. A new dermocosmetic product containing apple stem cell extract, urea, creatine and palmitoyl tripeptide-38 (Ureadin Fusion Serum Lift Antiarrugas, ISDIN S.A), has been recently developed to target different aspects involved in skin aging.

Sanz, M. T., Campos, C., Milani, M., Foyaca, M., Lamy, A., Kurdian, K., & Trullas, C. (2016). Biorevitalizing effect of a novel facial serum containing apple stem cell extract, pro-collagen lipopeptide, creatine, and urea on skin aging signs. Journal of cosmetic dermatology, 15(1), 24-30.

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