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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
GR1502 Mastoparan 7 1308.7 Inquiry
GR1503 Mastoparan X 1556 Inquiry
GR1601 NGR Peptide 1 2171 Inquiry
GR1602 NGR Peptide 2 1080.3 Inquiry
GR1603 NGR Peptide 3 548.6 Inquiry
GR1604 Aminopeptidase N Ligand (CD13), NGR peptide 606.7 Inquiry
GR1801 Anti-BetaGamma (MPS-Phosducin-like protein C terminus) 4601.4 Inquiry
GR1802 Membrane-Permeable Sequence, MPS 1547 Inquiry
GR1803 MPS-Gαi3 2582.2 Inquiry
GR1804 K-FGF 1515.9 Inquiry
GR1805 FITC-LC-MTS 1649 Inquiry
GR2101 Bcl-2 Binding Peptide, cell permeable 3400 Inquiry
GR2102 Beclin-1 2064.2 Inquiry
GR2103 Buforin 2434.9 Inquiry
GR2104 hCT (Calcitonin), Human 2610.9 Inquiry
GR2105 Hel 13-5 2203 Inquiry
GR2106 KALA 3131.8 Inquiry
GR2107 MAP (KLAL) 1877.5 C90H169N23O19 Inquiry
GR2108 Maurocalcine 1098.3 Inquiry
GR2109 MEK1 Derived Peptide Inhibitor 1 1491.9 Inquiry
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