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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
HB00136 4-Oxothiane 116.18 C5H8OS Inquiry
HB00137 Nonadecanedioic Acid 328.49 C19H36O4 Inquiry
P6924 Teriparatide 4118 C181H291N55O51S2 Inquiry
T07011 Thymopentin 679.8 C30H49N9O9 Inquiry
Z10-101-154 Daptomycin 1620.69 C72H101N17O26 Inquiry
Z10-101-155 Everolimus 958.24 C53H83NO14 Inquiry
Z10-101-156 Rapamycin 914.18 C51H79NO13 Inquiry
Z10-101-157 Caspofungin 1093.31 C52H88N10O15 Inquiry
Z10-101-158 Micafungin sodium 1292.26 C56H70N9O23SNa Inquiry
Z10-101-159 Pneumocandin B0 1065.2 C50H80N8O17 Inquiry
Z10-101-160 Dalbavancin Impurity 1732.53 C83H88CI2N8O29 Inquiry
Z10-101-161 FR 901379 1175.3 C51H82N8O21S Inquiry
Z10-101-162 FR 179642 320.42 C35H52N8O20S Inquiry
Z10-101-164 Anisomycin 265.31 C14H19NO4 Inquiry
Z10-101-165 Hygromycin B 527.52 C20H37N3O13 Inquiry
Z10-101-166 Natamycin 665.73 C33H47NO13 Inquiry
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