Desmopressin Acetate Trihydrate

Desmopressin acetate trihydrate is the trihydrate of the acetic acid salt of desmopressin. An antidiuretic, it increases urine concentration and decreases urine production, and is used to prevent and control excessive thirst, urination, and dehydration caused by injury, surgery, and certain medical conditions. It is also used in the diagnosis and treatment of cranial diabetes insipidus and in tests of renal function. It contains a desmopressin acetate (anhydrous).

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Chemical Structure
Synonyms/Aliasdeamino-cysteinyl-L-tyrosyl-L-phenylalanyl-L-glutaminyl-L-asparagyl-L-cysteinyl-L-prolyl-D-arginyl-glycinamide (1->6)-disulfide; acetic acid; hydrate
Chemical Nameacetic acid;(2S)-N-[(2R)-1-[(2-amino-2-oxoethyl)amino]-5-(diaminomethylideneamino)-1-oxopentan-2-yl]-1-[(4R,7S,10S,13S,16S)-7-(2-amino-2-oxoethyl)-10-(3-amino-3-oxopropyl)-13-benzyl-16-[(4-hydroxyphenyl)methyl]-6,9,12,15,18-pentaoxo-1,2-dithia-5,8,11,14,17-pentazacycloicosane-4-carbonyl]pyrrolidine-2-carboxamide;trihydrate
SequenceOne Letter Code: CYFQNCPRG Three Letter Code: deamino-Cys(1)-Tyr-Phe-Gln-Asn-Cys(1)-Pro-D-Arg-Gly-NH2.CH3CO2H.3H2O
Appearancewhite to light yellow crystal
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