Afamelanotide acetate

Afamelanotide is an analog of the peptide hormone alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH), which tends to induce skin tanning.

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CAS75921-69-6 (net)
Synonyms/Alias(Nle4,D-Phe7)-α-MSH; NDP-MSH; Melanotan 1; CUV1647;Melanotan-1;MT-1;MT1;MT 1;MBJ 05; Afamelanotide acetate; CUV 1647; CUV-1647; CUV1647
Chemical Name(4S)-4-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-2-acetamido-3-hydroxypropanoyl]amino]-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propanoyl]amino]-3-hydroxypropanoyl]amino]hexanoyl]amino]-5-[[(2S)-1-[[(2R)-1-[[(2S)-1-[[(2S)-1-[[2-[[(2S)-6-amino-1-[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-1-amino-3-methyl-1-oxobutan-2-yl]carbamoyl]pyrrolidin-1-yl]-1-oxohexan-2-yl]amino]-2-oxoethyl]amino]-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)-1-oxopropan-2-yl]amino]-5-carbamimidamido-1-oxopentan-2-yl]amino]-1-oxo-3-phenylpropan-2-yl]amino]-3-(1H-imidazol-4-yl)-1-oxopropan-2-yl]amino]-5-oxopentanoic acid;acetic acid
Labeling TargetMelanocyte-stimulating hormone receptor
ApplicationAfamelanotide is a synthetic analog of α-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH). It act as a photoprotective agent by inducing skin pigmentation through melanogenesis.
AppearanceSolid powder
Areas of InterestCancer
Cosmetic Peptides & Dermatology
Pituitary & Hypothalamic Hormones
FunctionsUbiquitin protein ligase binding
DiseaseErythropoietic protoporphyria
TargetMelanocyte-stimulating hormone receptor
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