Parathyroid Hormones and Related Peptides

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CAT# Product Name M.W Molecular Formula Inquiry
P03022 pTH (1-31) amide (human) 3718.37 C162H270N50O46S2 Inquiry
P03024 Parathyroid Hormone (3-34), bovine 3938.6 C175H274N52O48S2 Inquiry
P03028 pTH-Related Protein Splice Isoform 3 (140-173) (human) 4059.99 C186H313N53O44S2 Inquiry
P03029 pTH (1-34) (porcine) 4072.71 C181H292N54O51S Inquiry
P03030 [Asn8, Leu18] Parathyroid Hormone (1-34), human 4082.7 C181H290N56O52 Inquiry
P03031 Parathyroid Hormone (1-34), bovine 4108.8 C183H288N54O50S2 Inquiry
P03033 (Tyr0)-pTH-Related Protein (1-34) (human, mouse, rat) 4180.79 C189H296N58O50 Inquiry
P03034 (Tyr36)-pTH-Related Protein (1-36) amide (chicken) 4191.76 C184H301N57O55 Inquiry
P03035 [Tyr1] Parathyroid Hormone (1-34), human 4193.9 C187H295N55O51S2 Inquiry
P03036 (Tyr36)-pTH-Related Protein (1-36) (human, mouse, rat) 4309.91 C194H303N59O53 Inquiry
P03037 (Ile5,Trp23,Tyr36)-pTH-Related Protein (1-36) (human, mouse, rat) 4324.96 C196H308N58O53 Inquiry
P03038 pTH (2-38) (human) 4371.12 C194H314N58O53S2 Inquiry
P03039 pTH (1-37) (human) 4401.15 C195H316N58O54S2 Inquiry
P03040 pTH-Related Protein (1-37) (human, mouse, rat) 4416.08 C197H317N63O53 Inquiry
P03041 Parathyroid Hormone (1-38), human 4458.2 C197H319N59O55S2 Inquiry
P03042 TIP-39 4504.3 C202H325N61O54S Inquiry
P03043 Hypercalcemia Malignancy Factor (1-40) 4675.4 C207H334N66O58 Inquiry
P03044 [Tyr0]-Hypercalcemia Malignancy Factor (1-40) 4838.5 Inquiry
P03045 pTH (29-32) (human) 497.51 C20H31N7O8 Inquiry
P03046 Parathyroid Hormone (39-84), human 4984.6 C211H357N67O72 Inquiry
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