MAPS, Core, 8-Branch

Multiple Antigenic Peptides (MAPs) are peptides that are branched artificially, in which Lys residues are used as the scaffolding core to support the formation of ≤8 branches with varying or the same peptide sequences. It is a method for producing high-titre peptide antibodies and synthetic peptide vaccines. This system utilizes the alpha- and epsilon-amino functional groups of lysine to form a backbone to which multiple peptide chains are attached. Depending on the number of lysine tiers (2, 4, 8, etc.), different numbers of peptide branches can be synthesized. This technology enables successful production of high-titre antibodies. MAPs have a high molar ratio of the peptide antigen to the core molecule, and no carrier protein is needed to elicit an antibody response.

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SequenceOne Letter Code: K4K2KA-NH2
Three Letter Code: H-(Lys)4-(Lys)2-Lys-Ala-NH2
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